Palestine Riot in Paris

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May 15th 2021

Saturday May 15th, Paris was the only French city, and the only democratic capital in the world ordered NOT to protest for Palestinian people and Palestinian rights. Among the latest urgent causes concerned are Israeli’s recent attacks in Gaza and Sheikh Jarrah. In Paris today, walls of Policemen fully equipped in riot gear outnumbered the protesters and methodically overwhelmed and divided them. Armed police splitting up a procession of marchers showed a vivid picture 
of how to prevent people from coming together around a common cause. The repression of the protest wasn’t intended just to break up the crowd but to forbid the very idea of protesting in the first place, a firm intent to break down an ideal. Marching in protest is way to show support for those being oppressed but it is also a way to share our sorrow and even a pragmatic way to gather, connect and foster initiatives and solutions. We need all of the above for Palestine right now. Truly fed up with the current French government.


Alizée De Pin

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Alizée De Pin is a French illustrator and author, based in Paris. Graduaded from a Master Degree in Visual Arts and a Master Degree in Graphic Design, Alizée draws illustrations, comics, and design her books and publications. 

Through collaborations with scientifics, researchers and upon detailed documentation, she translates environmental and political messages into graphic informations and narratives.